God Is Not Your Copilot

Surrendering to God is like taking your hands off the steering wheel—for good. You can scoot over to the passenger’s seat, heave a huge sigh of relief like you’ve been holding your breath all your life, and finally enjoy the scenery. God’s driving now. He knows exactly where you’re going and how to get there. He knows all of the roadblocks and construction zones. He won’t be steering you into potholes and bridge abutments and roadside ditches filled with rainwater runoff.


God is an extremely cautious driver. He never speeds, tailgates, or weaves in and out of other cars and semis going 80 miles an hour on the interstate. He never runs red lights or ignores stop signs or passes on the right. He is never reckless or aggressive. He never forgets that He has precious cargo aboard.

God never flips anyone the bird or rolls down His window to curse at other drivers for their lack of driving ability or bad manners. He loves them too.


When you’re stuck in traffic and tell God you know a shortcut, He’ll nod and smile politely and continue to sit there, one foot on the brake and the other tapping out the beat of the song on the radio. (He might even sing along. He knows all of the words.) When it’s 112 degrees outside and the air conditioning is on the fritz, He’ll still sit there, cool as a proverbial cucumber. When it’s 20 degrees below and the heater is broken, He’ll sit back, settle in, rub His hands together. He can fix the AC and the heater with a look, but He probably won’t. He wants you to try something new, step outside your comfort zone, and rely on Him for every single need according to His plan and His timing.


Sometimes during your journey, God will speak to you. If you have ears to hear, you will hear Him. Other times, He’ll be mysteriously silent. He’s letting you figure things out for yourself. He’s already given you the preeminent guide to life, the Bible, the only book you’ll ever need. He’s given you grace, or unearned favor, through His Son, Jesus. It’s free for the asking.

God knows you’re uncomfortable. He knows you feel like you’re wasting your time waiting on Him to move forward. He knows you want to bolt out of the car and run to the nearest gas station for food and supplies and help from someone. Anyone. But sit tight there in that car. He’s got this, and you won’t find what you need anywhere else.

Stay put. Keep asking, praying, believing, surrendering, and loving your Creator with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength. He loves you more than you can possibly imagine. In fact, He’s madly in love with you. He will get you out of this traffic jam and the next one and the one after that. If you believe nothing else, believe this: You can trust Him with all your heart.

He knew you were going to get sidetracked and lost and look for shortcuts. In spite of all your wandering that took you a million miles away from Him, He wants you back. Nothing you ever do can make Him unlove you. It simply isn’t possible.

God is not your copilot, friends. He’s your pilot: always in control, always in command, second to none.

You’re safe with God. Let Him do the driving. Just. Let. Go.


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